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Saturday, 4 June 2011

Fair Land Lost

 Are you the one that blocked the sun?
That fired the bullet from the gun
That laughed aloud at what you’d done
To this fair land that cash built

That sat on high upon your throne
Surveying what you bought and owned
Unhearing of the anguished moans
Of this fair land that cash built

Was it you that sowed the seed
Nurtured it with savage greed
Watched it grow to barb clad weed
In this fair land that cash built

Did you set the tiger free
To spread disease and malady
Then killed it with unbridled glee
In this fair land that cash built

Did you cast your mantle dark
Extinguish love and caring heart
And dance upon the final spark
Of this fair land that cash built

You put Cuchulain’s name to shame
Sold you’re soul for foolish gain
On you’re children ladled pain
In this fair land that cash built

© E. Duffin     November 2010

Friday, 3 June 2011

August 1958

A poem about my first trip to Tramore Seaside Resort on the 15th August 1958
Loud the noise and swift the speed
The bumper cars are sparking
Galloping horses round and round
Evening sky is darkening
Helter skelter bedecked with lights
The swing boats higher and higher
One minute I was a rodeo star
The next I was a flier
Candy floss tickled my nose
My throat with sugar burst
Lemon soda, bottled, cold
Quenched a young boy’s thirst
The blackjack, the roulette wheel
‘Two shilling’s sir on red’
‘I’ve lost, I’ve won’, shout the men
With joy, with hope, with dread
Smell and noise and being there
Filled me full to bursting
What next, this or this or that
My last shilling I was nursing
Spectrum stars of flashing light
My senses they were soaring
More fizzy drink and candy floss
‘Please, please’, I was imploring
Too soon it all came to an end
Departure time came calling
Oh I was young that August day
Youth I never tire recalling

 ©E. Duffin - May 2011